Pull-Tab Partner vs. Vendor: Which Should You Choose?

June 3, 2024
Vendor vs partner pull tabs

Whether you’re a tribal casino operator or a pull-tab* distributor serving bingo halls, bars, or fraternal organizations, finding a reliable and innovative supplier for pull-tabs products is crucial.

You need a supplier who understands your needs and delivers high-quality, customizable gaming solutions. That’s asking a lot from a vendor. A partner, on the other hand, is invested in your success. Someone, as they might say in the casino, you can rely on when the chips are down.

*Also known as: pull-tab tickets, pop-opens, break-opens, instant bingo, bingo tickets, tear-offs, raffle tickets, raffle tabs, peel and win cards, peel-offs, club tickets, Nevada tickets (Nevadas), Lucky 7s, bowl games, cherry bells (cherries), jar tickets, and pickle cards (pickles)

High-Quality, Customizable Pull-Tabs and Mutual Success

Vendors provide a transactional relationship focused on the sale and delivery of products. Some are reliable, others less so. Pull-tab vendors typically offer a range of pull-tabs with limited customization options – and often long lead times. Additionally, vendors often operate with set deal counts and may not accommodate specific requests.

Pull-tab manufacturers who operate as partners, on the other hand, are investing in a relationship that goes beyond transactional. It’s about mutual success. They work closely with clients to understand their market’s specific challenges, needs and preferences. They offer extensive customization options, reliable lead times and flexibility.

What Kind of Pull-Tab Manufacturer are You Looking For?

Criteria Pull-Tab Vendor Pull-Tab Partner
Supply Products Standard range of products Wide range of tailored products
Customization Limited options, longer lead times Extensive options, shorter lead times
Lead Times Long (months) Short (weeks)
Flexibility Set deal counts, less accommodating Flexible, accommodates requests
Focus Sales transactions Long-term relationship
Innovative Solutions Set Menu of solutions Customizable solutions
Responsive Service Minimal High
Collaboration Transactional Collaborative

Why Trust Pull-to-Win

At Pull-to-Win Products, we built our business around the partnership model as a division of H&H Graphics, an industry-leading specialty print company that has created over 100 million pull-tabs since 2016.

We know the challenges that pull-tab distributors have faced, with unreliable delivery times, limited options and in some cases, manufacturers who actually compete against their customers. We believe there is a better way to manufacture pull-tabs: your way.

We offer a wide array of options for customization that include almost anything you can dream up:

  • Variety of Ticket Types: choose from 1-pull, 3-pull, and 5-pull tickets
  • Game Play Options: we offer instant win, seal cards, event tickets and promotional pull-tabs tailored to your preferences
  • Graphics: our in-house designers create eye-catching and engaging graphics
  • Deal Counts and Payouts: flexible options to suit your needs
  • Prize Verification: unique alphanumeric codes or QR codes for each ticket

Our pull-tabs are designed and tested to hold up, and to open with just the right feel and “pop.” We also offer additional security features like security inks (blacklight) and special effects (glitter, glow in the dark) to enhance your gaming products.

A True Pull-Tab Partner

Unlike traditional suppliers who see you as just another customer, Pull-to-Win partners with distributors and casino operator to provide the high-quality products they need, with lead times of just 6-8 weeks, even for custom orders – and we do not compete with distributors. Ever.

We are licensed in multiple states and able to obtain new licenses as needed. We work closely with you to ensure our products meet your exact specifications, helping you increase sales, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Ready to experience the Pull-to-Win difference? Contact us for a quote on pull-tab instant win, seal cards, or event tickets.

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