The Secret to Why (Quality) Pull-Tabs Are So Popular

March 22, 2024
Pull-Tabs Pop

Fans of pull-tab instant win tickets, seal cards, and event tickets love the sense of anticipation that comes from wondering how much they can win as they work through their stack. Some play for the money, but everyone plays for that little “pop!” It’s that irresistible multisensory experience that leaves players with a satisfying sense of…  je ne sai pop.

Scientists studying our weirdly human compulsion to pop bubble wrap note that popping one bubble after another is a form of stress release that seems to leave people both calmer and more alert.

There’s a satisfying tactile element at work – research shows a link between the sense of touch and consumers’ ability to recall specific brands –  but sound adds another evocative form of sensory appeal, like the refreshing “pop-hiss” of a soda can opening. It’s not the same experience without it. It’s less, somehow.

Like other sensory experiences, sounds can trigger memories, feelings and emotional connections. That’s one of the reasons pull-tabs are addictive whether you win or not. And that’s why pull-tab fans react when they’re shortchanged on the “pop.”

Pull-Tabs 101: Maximize the “Pop”

After all, you win some, you lose some, but a poor-quality “pop” is disappointment on an unexpected level.

At Pull-to-Win Products, we have deep roots in multisensory special effects, and we know that the irresistible “pop” on our 1, 3 and 5-pull pull-tabs is just as important as high-quality artwork, game play and on-time delivery. Since 2016, we’ve produced 100 million charitable gaming and promotional pull-tabs with no shortage of pop.

There are many things that go into high-quality pull-tab manufacturing, but expertise is the one that pops out as most important. Just like the players, experienced pull-tab distributors can judge the quality of pull-tab manufacturing from the sound and feel of a pull-tab’s “pop.”

It’s a differentiator you can distinguish with your eyes closed, but with the quality of our games, you’ll want to look.

The Multisensory “Wow” Everyone Wants

At Pull-to-Win Products, our expertise is built on deep experience in high-quality multisensory special effects. Our parent company, H&H Graphics, has decades of experience creating innovative and high-quality multisensory print campaigns for some of the world’s most popular brands.

With a fearless R&D Department and a commitment to continuous improvement, Pull-to-Win Products creates custom, high-quality pull-tab tickets that create a level of consumer engagement unmatched by ordinary (yawn) projects– you dream it and we’ll make it.

That’s why we can create the pull-tab tickets your customers will want to “pop” over and over again.

We Put the “Pop” in Popularity

Don’t fall for the low-quality products that pop up in your market.  High-quality pull-tab manufacturing doesn’t happen in somebody’s garage. It’s the product of experience, reliability and state-of-the-art equipment and processes.

If you’re tired of manufacturers who can’t bring the “pop” your customers expect, Pull-to-Win Products can help.

We deliver the highest-quality design, printing and multisensory experience along with a diligent process for meeting your deadlines and providing a level of customer service no other pull-tab manufacturer can touch.

Contact one of our custom pull-tab experts to learn how you can put the power of multisensory “pop” into your pull-tabs.

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