Custom Pull-Tabs Drive Tribal Casino Promotion & Profits

April 22, 2024

Across the country, tribal casinos are enjoying a healthy rebound from the pandemic slump, with soaring revenues and ambitious expansion plans.

But amid all the excitement a 600-foot guitar shaped hotel and casino can generate, it’s easy to overlook a tiny but effective source of promotion and profit that tribal casinos can incorporate without a single bulldozer.

Pull-tabs that are customized for your casino are a fun and easy way to drive traffic, revenue and awareness, with or without offering bingo. Here’s an overview of what you could be offering your customers to amp up their experience and keep them coming back for more.

Adding Pull-Tabs to Your Casino

Instant Win Pull-Tabs

Often sold in vending machines placed in entryways, on the casino floor or on other parts of your property, instant win tickets are popular, profitable and promotional. Not to mention irresistible, with a satisfying little “pop” that people seem to enjoy almost as much as the prospect of winning. You can also work with our team to create custom artwork that reflects your brand and the gameplay options that appeal most to your customers.

The downside? Keeping vending machines stocked can be a lot of work as they often sell out.

Seal Card Pull-Tabs

Seal cards use perforated break-open tabs that open to reveal numbers or symbols that can produce an “instant win” or a holder card that is matched against the operator’s sealed cashboard when all of the cards in a game have sold out. They’re a great way to create an added layer of excitement and anticipation in the bingo hall and are also customizable.

Promotional Pull-Tabs

These pull-tabs can be given away to promote your casino to new customers or to encourage return visits, membership in a loyalty program, and other opportunities. From the artwork to prizes, you can design a unique promotion that reflects the spirit of your brand and the preferences of your prospects.

Win-Win: Players Will Love Your Pull-Tabs & You’ll Love Our Service

Pull-tab gaming is a great opportunity for promotion and profits for tribal casinos but for best results, be choosy about who you work with.

The manufacturing of high-quality pull-tabs isn’t easy. From customizable artwork and gameplay to high-quality printing and assembly and on-time delivery, experience and reliability are a huge differentiator for pull-tabs.

At Pull-to-Win, we’ve created 100 million pull-tab tickets since 2016, as part of decades of experience as an industry-leading specialist in multisensory printing. You won’t find higher-quality pull-tab tickets anywhere and, when you partner with Pull-to-Win, you won’t have to wonder if your order will arrive on time, complete and to your specifications.

With unlimited options for artwork and gameplay for 1, 3, and 5-pull pull-tabs, we can make your tickets stand out from the competition with quality, reliability and of course, “pop.” Speak with one of our pull-tab experts to envision what your pull-tabs could look like, see samples and get a quote.

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